PMG - A voice and information for Plymouth Manufacturers

Why are we here?

Plymouth Manufacturers' Group (or 'PMG') is an informal network of manufacturing companies from across the Plymouth Travel-to-Work-Area. Our membership includes household names like: The Wrigley Company, Kawasaki and Ginsters (Samworth Bros). Also, major local employers such as Babcock Marine with its three hundred year heritage of ship building and ship repair at the dockyard in Devonport.

Provide a convenient means of interchange of information, experience and opinion between members and matters affecting the interests of their companies and their employees.

To encourage and assist in the orderly development of industry in the Plymouth area.

To provide a channel of communication between members of the Group, local authorities and other appropriate organisations.

Source: The PMG’s Constitution (1977)

The Plymouth Facts

Collectively, the PMG membership employs over twelve thousand staff in the Plymouth travel-to-work-area and has a combined turnover of approx. £1.6bn. Despite its decline in recent years, manufacturing remains an important part of the UK and Plymouth economies. Plymouth has the greatest proportion of manufacturing and engineering jobs of any large city in England, south of the Midlands.

The total gross value added (or ‘GVA’) of Plymouth’s manufacturing sector was recently updated to reveal it was worth £759m in 2012. This means that the surge seen in recent years has been maintained. Total GVA for the whole Plymouth economy in 2012 was worth just less than £5bn meaning that manufacturing accounts for 15.3% of the total (the figure nationally is 9.8%) and 11.6% of the labour market. By way of comparison, Plymouth’s manufacturing sector is worth more (in terms of GVA) than that of the whole of Cornwall (£701m) or perhaps even more surprisingly, its larger regional neighbour Bristol (£657m). By the way, if you are wondering what the definition of GVA is: ‘it’s a measure of the value of the goods and services produced in an area or sector of the economy. It is primarily used to monitor the performance of the national (and regional) economy and is now the preferred method by many to measure the overall economic well-being of an area’.


Benefits of being a member

Membership offers first and foremost an informal network for like-minded business people at the most senior level. We meet six times per annum - either at a member’s site or at a local hotel - to discuss topical issues and to listen to speakers present their thoughts and ideas on relevant topics. If someone has something to say to manufacturers in the City the chances are that they will want to say it first to the PMG.

Past speakers include: the SW Agent for the Bank of England, local MPs, representatives of local authorities and public sector agencies and private sector service providers.

The PMG also has a number of sub-groups that specialise in subjects such as: health and safety, skills and training, finance & compliance and resource efficiency. These groups typically function by engaging senior staff who are responsible for these functional areas in a mix of networking by group emails and/or by meetings.

A culture of openness and preparedness to listen to one another means that these PMG events provide great learning opportunities for participants.

  • Collectively the PMG has considerable clout and is a voice that people listen to.
  • Our policies are shaped directly by our membership.
  • The PMG is a natural repository for ideas on manufacturing in the City of Plymouth and its surrounding sub-region.


if you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us

"All manufacturing businesses experience the same challenges and for Luminati Waycon Ltd we have benefited from sharing knowledge. It has been rewarding to find out that there are so many things we do that benefit others and to also find out that we can learn so much from others."

Steve Senior Business Owner - Luminati Waycon Ltd